The market share of smartphones has increased at breath-taking pace. Large display screens with touchscreen functionality have become the norm and have opened up huge possibilities for the mobile handset user, including extended apps, an improved gaming experience and intuitive web browsing, to name but a few.

Touchscreen controllers enable the user to efficiently select relatively small items such as icons, links and keyboard buttons. However there are situations that require a single command to be quickly or repeatedly implemented where a touchscreen is not the most desirable or ergonomic input solution. A few examples are:
    the handset is in the pocket and the user wants to reject an incoming call or skip a track without taking the handset out of the pocket;

    the user wants to take a selfie single-handed and the shutter button is not easily reachable with the thumb;

    or the user wants to browse the pictures single-handed without actually smearing the touchscreen with the grease from the thumb.
InputDynamics' TouchTap™ software makes smart-phones smarter by transforming the casework into an input surface without the need for new hardware. TouchTap™ utilises Input-Dynamics' recognition algorithms (patents pending) and existing hardware to enhance the input capabilities of the handset.

InputDynamics' software delivers new ways for users to interact with devices that are intuitive and flexible, and frees the designer from the limitations of conventional user Interfaces which are currently confined to keypads, hardware buttons and touchscreens.

TouchTap™ can also give touchscreen capability to non-touchscreen handsets using only a software upgrade.

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